West Hallam Well Dressings 1978 - 2018 A Message from our New Chairman - Paul Gant  December 2019

Welcome to West Hallam Wells 2020

I’d like to officially launch West Hallam Well Dressing Festival 2020 (July 11th) with a short welcome from me, the newly appointed committee chair.  

Firstly, I’d like to thank Richard Brooks, our previous chair who so successfully led the small team of dedicated volunteers for the last 5 years.  Richard did an amazing job, and I’m pleased he will remain on the team as secretary.   

The fantastic team has continued with the Well Dressing tradition yet managed to breathe new ideas and energy into our Well Dressing event, cementing the day into the local event calendar as a “must do”, and working with other local organisations to extend the Well Dressing over the week.

My job is simple; continue the tradition, expand the small team of volunteers to bring new ideas and approaches into the Well Dressing, and make sure when I hand the baton on, we have a week of linked events that West Hallam can be proud of.  No small feat, but with the core of people recently confirmed to be on the team, I’m feeling increasingly confident we have a great platform upon which to build on.

So, who am I to take this on? Most recently District Commissioner for Ilkeston and Derby East Scouts, I have over 20 years experience in volunteering leadership roles.  I’m not afraid to grab the mic and talk to the audience and can put up a gazebo (quite a useful skill for well dressing). Having lived in West Hallam for about 10 years, my family and I have enjoyed the Well dressings as the kids have grown up, and have looked forward the day each year.  

But it’s not about me, I just keep the team meetings in order and track the project plan.  I’d like to think I can inspire others to get involved and would love to welcome new people to the team.  We need someone savvy with social media, to help us spread the Well Dressing message more widely, people to help with preparations ahead of the day, and a bigger team on the day to help get practical tasks done.  If you’ve been to Well Dressing and would like to put something back into the community, please get in touch.

Finally, whether you can help us put on the festival or just want to drop it into your 2020 calendar, you’ll need the details.  July 11th is the date, traditionally the 2nd Saturday of July, and as a change this time, we’re kicking off at 12 so why not come down for lunch and get involved a little earlier than usual?

Paul Gant

West Hallam Well Dressing Festival Chair


Paul Gant